My Journey

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My Journey

My horse dreams began as soon as I was old enough to say the words “mommy, daddy, please, please may I have a horse?” Unfortunately, growing up in a family of five children this was not feasible at that time. I started my equestrian career as soon as I was old enough to walk to the nearest ho

rse pasture or barn in my neighborhood, where I began working at local stables at age 9.

If there were horses, I was there, enthusiastically helping with whatever I could, asking questions that some may have perceived as pesky but I was always curious for every drop of information I could possibly obtain.

Over the years, I dabbled in many different riding disciplines but I always felt there was something missing. I can still recall one of my trainers saying to me “Sherrill, you don’t seem to care if you win or not!” It was then I realized that she was right. I wasn’t having fun because in my heart I new that my beloved horse, Summer Wind, was not happy and neither was I. Today I understand that it was not the riding discipline or competition that we disliked so much, but the training methodologies that were being used to teach us.

And then it happened…..

I started studying natural horsemanship, auditing and participating in the Parelli program. With the guidance of Pat and Linda Parelli and their wonderful team of professional instructors, I began my journey into Natural Horsemanship and have since devoted my life to helping both humans and horses alike.

I have since dove head over hooves into Cowboy Dressage training with Lyn Ringrose Moe and Eitan Beth Hackney. Lyn, Eitan, Deb, & Garn Walker are the founders of the Cowboy Dressage World. This new journey has allowed me to put my principles to purpose. I am delighted to have been endorsed by Lyn and Eitan as a clinician and to be showing my horses again in a world where Soft Feel is the number one focus.

Still striving for “never ending self improvement,” I jumped for joy when I learned that Susan Harris would be in California this year teaching a Centered Riding Instructor Course. Susan studied and rode with Sally Swift for many years and has devoted her life to keeping Sally’s dream alive. I am now a Certified Centered Riding Instructor!!

My journey into Natural Horsemanship, Cowboy Dressage, and Centered Riding has led me to really reach deep into the hearts of horses. With my unique approach and continuing education, I allow the horses to be my number one teacher. It is here that I find myself more peaceful and content than I have ever been.
~ Sherrill

Please meet our newest member of the SWR family!
Arrived June 2017
Chargers Vanilla Frosted “FROSTY”