Natural Horsemanship

Sher1It is only appropriate that I start my Natural Horsemanship page with a huge thank you to Pat and Linda Parelli and their team of professionals.
It is through the Parelli program that I have become the horse woman I am today.


My journey began in 2008 and has soared, enhancing my skills and bringing my equine communication and skills to levels I might have felt unattainable eight years ago. Today my heart sings as I ride my beautiful paint horse Summer Wind through trail courses, jumping logs, opening gates, negotiating water obstacles with no saddle or bridle. Yes, it is truly, truly, amazing!


My equestrian program here at Summer Wind Ranch is based on Parelli training methodologies and I have also added so many other skills that I have learned along the way from so many other Natural Horsemanship enthusiasts I wish I had room to write about all of you.


List of Upcoming Natural Horsemanship Events